I’ve taken up the flute again, after many years of not playing. When I was young I played for a few years and although I enjoyed it I put it down one day and never went back to it. Fast forward another many years and I took up the (Highland) Bagpipes, which I played for about 25 years. I finally have had to realize I no longer have the stamina for the pipes and that the tinnitus that I have is aggravated too much by playing, so I’ve decided to retire from piping and start playing the flute again.

The difference this time? First of all, I no longer had my old flute so I had to acquire a new flute and find a teacher. The instrument I had when I was young was a very basic student model and not really very good, but at this point in my life I wanted a much more serious instrument. I did find a teacher locally and after discussing my needs and researching several instruments I finally decided on the Pearl Quantz model 665RBE, open hole French model, B foot joint, sterling silver head joint. This instrument is a real beauty!

Pearl Quantz 665RBE Flute

Pearl Quantz 665RBE Flute

I’ve also need to start acquiring a few books to work with my teacher. I have a small library.

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