Getting Ready for Steam Bending

This week my wife gave me a Rockler steam bending kit (yes, she is awesome!) and I just completed building the steam box for it. Soon I will need to bend some bridges for my harpsichord project and want to do hot/steam bending to accomplish that. The method I’m following calls for cold soaking and bending, but I prefer to try steam instead. I’ve wanted one of these contraptions for a while. You know, you never can have too many tools.

I don’t have any actual box construction process pictures for it. The box is 3/4″ pine, simple butt joints, interior dimensions of the box are 4″ square, 60″ long. Normally these are a bit shorter (at least for this size steamer) with a slightly larger interior, but mine has to be longer to accommodate the bridges. All interior surfaces are lined with foil tape and there is a steam vent hole in the door and a weep hole under the steam hose. I just tested it out and it seems to work fine, but of course, there’s a lot of water coming out of the weep hole. The only thing I plan to change is to shorten the rear legs by another 1/2″ so it drains better.

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