Ukulele #11’s First Wash Coat

Ukulele #11 gets its first wash coat of shellac, which is just a sealer before attempting to finish the final sanding and shaping of the neck.

I learned some time ago that a wash coat of shellac will really help keep all the ‘white’ wood clean when sanding the seams between the neck and the ebony fingerboard. Though a lot of finishing work remains, here are a couple of before and after photos that show the back and headstock both ‘in the white’ and ‘with a single wash coat of shellac’.

The color really starts to pop out and the Ceylon Satinwood is starting to show how yellow it really is. It is a beautiful wood. These pictures were taken in the shop where the light is not the best, so perhaps I’ll try to take a few outdoors in the sunshine soon to show the real beauty of this spectacular wood.

The bridge is currently underway and pictures will be available soon. It will be a very traditional classical guitar style bridge made from Indian Rosewood. The basic bridge is complete, but some final shaping and sanding remains. Stay tuned . . .

About npcarey

Amateur Luthier, woodworker, music enthusiast, software enthusiast
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