Neapolitan Mandolins

My first Neapolitan mandolin restoration was a minimal restore only to put an instrument back into playing condition for a friend who’s family brought it from England many years ago. Sadly it was left to sit in an attic for a long time and the top split in a number of places. It was in pretty poor condition, but I’m please to say it has new life breathed back into it.

My 2nd Neapolitan mandolin rebuild and modernization, this one for myself. It was an extensive rebuild to put the instrument into real playing condition. Sadly it was in very poor shape and needed a lot of work. The top was split so badly that it was not salvageable. It also needed a new fretboard, veneer on the headstock to cover several chips, the bridge repaired, new braces, built-up linings/head-block/heel-block, etc. Last but not least the paper lining was removed and replaced with gold foil paper to try to brighten the sound, the way a bouzouki is lined. Later it needed the tuners replaced to make it truly playable. All of the decoration from the original instrument was saved, but not put into the rebuilt instrument. The intent wasn’t to restore this as much as it was to create a playable mandolin.

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