A ‘Uke for College? Number Five

This one was a gift for my son Jeremy. Everyone who goes to college should have an ‘ukulele, right? The headstock sports his name and the University logo.

‘Ukulele 5 Headstock with inlay of URI Ram and Jeremy's name

‘Ukulele 5 Headstock with inlay of URI Ram and Jeremy’s name

I hope that it will inspire him to play music in his life. The ‘ukulele is such an approachable and unassuming instrument. He sometimes comes with me to the meetups of the Ukulele Union of Boston, a group of enthusiasts who get together twice monthly to play and sing. Lots of fun!

Like my other ‘ukes, this one was built from the Hana Lima tenor plans using the Spanish heel method of construction. This uke has a mahogany neck, spruce top and padauk back/side set. The mahogany came from a friend who had quite a few pieces to spare and the padauk/spruce were purchased on eBay. I used Gotoh mini tuners again, but have since determined that, although they are nice tuners, they are quite heavy and are adding to my weight problem. I think I need to go on a diet!

The headplate, fingerboard and bridge are made of ebony.

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