Case Liners, Braces, Stiffener and Pinblock

These activities went on for about a month in June, 2011.

I had to replace a poplar plug in the side of the case that came out during a previous session and planed it smooth. Then I installed the bentside and cheek liners. This required a lot of fussing and minute fitting to make sure to get really tight fits. Used lots of glue, probably too much, which did and will require a lot of cleanup. Even though the interior of the case cannot be seen once it is all closed it, it is important to do clean work. Someday someone may need to go inside and repair something and we wouldn’t want them to think this instrument was built by a ‘hack’!

Harpsichord - Installing liners

Harpsichord – Installing liners

Cleaned up the edges and tops of the liners, sanded, and a planed a little to make sure all joints were seamless and that they all fit to the lines.

Prepared the stock for the upper braces and installed 4 of 5 upper braces, including the wedge pieces. I underestimated how long this part of the project would take. I cut brace No. 2 too short, two times! I will take other cut-offs and scarf together a piece and it will work fine.

Harpsichord - Upper Braces Installed

Harpsichord – Upper Braces Installed

Completed cutting and installing all of the braces into the harpsichord.

Installed the belly stiffener.

Harpsichord - Installing Belly Stiffener

Harpsichord – Installing Belly Stiffener

After the belly stiffener was installed it was time to make the pinblock supports and the pinblock. The pinblock holds the 104 tuning pins around which we’ll wind the strings. It is constructed out of 1.5″ thick red oak and is supported by 6 #14 wood screws in the pinblock supports, attached to the case sides. Installed the Pinblock, using screws (no glue yet as it will still require drilling the holes). Note the register window just in front of pinblock. In the event the registers ever need to be worked on later, this window provides the access.

Finally a few other photos of various aspects of the case construction. Note some of the fitting, especially at the angles, which all has to be quite precise.

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