Completing the Harpsichord Keyboard

Cleaned up the key frame, installed the green action felt and red felt punchings. Afterward realizing that once I installed the felt on the keys, it would cover up the key numbers and names, so wrote the numbers and note names on the center section of all of the keys. It is absolutely critical to number the keys as they are not interchangeable at all. Weighted 10 of the sharps, tested  and installed rear 2” of felt. Here’s a closeup of the key work so far:

Harpsichord Keyboard nearing completion

Harpsichord Keyboard nearing completion

Ordered 2 copies of the full-size plans for the Ruckers harpsichord today from McGee CAD.

Completed the weighting and installing all of the sharps. All natural keys are now completed: shaping, weighting. Put on the first coat of oil finish, and worked on fitting a number of keys that have a slight ‘twist’ in them. This is rather finicky work and requires considerable patience.

Completed the 2nd and 3rd coats of oil on all of the naturals, afterward buffing with ‘0000’ steel wool. This may be the final coat. Still trying to decide whether three coats is sufficient, and also if I like the  somewhat shiny finish or need to buff with steel wool. After buffing the 2nd coat with the wool it seemed pretty dull.

I think I have about 80 hours of labor in the keyboard. Here is the completed keyboard:

Harpsichord Keyboard

Harpsichord Keyboard

Spent some time doing more supply list research.

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